The Big Question

QuestionsThis year we are lucky enough to be focusing on developing a Culture of Thinking at our school. We are working with Simon Brooks @sbrooks_simon to help us explore our own projects. Working alongside Simon to explore the Cultures of Thinking (CoT) framework proposed by Ron Ritchart and the Project Zero team at Harvard University. 

My aim for my class every year is for students to know they are  valued members of the school community. I strive to encourage every student to explore new ideas, challenge themselves and be confident in their own abilities. I believe my classroom is an environment where risk-taking is encouraged, success and resilience is celebrated. I will measure success in my classroom according to the students arriving at school everyday ready and willing to learn and challenge themselves. I want all students to love coming to school.

This year my key focus will be exploring the Cultures of Thinking within my classroom practice. Through the Action Learning Team model I will be endeavouring to explore a few key questions.

How might I build my students’ confidence to try new things?

How might I challenge my students to become experts?


I am deeply interested in both these ideas. I am excited by the prospect of developing and embedding Thinking Routines into my classroom practice to give students a framework to explore new ideas and learning. I believe that all these questions fit with my educational philosophy and current practice but also challenge me to think through the reasons why I structure my classroom the way I do. They will provide me and my students with opportunities to explore our thinking and to create a culture in the classroom which is inclusive, welcoming and challenging.